6 Dental Mistakes Forcing You To Make That 'Tooth Hurty' Appointment

Dental care is relatively easy for most. Regular cleanings and brushing are the norm, but it is also very likely that you are making one of these common dental mistakes. Think you could do better for your teeth? Read on to find out what you are doing wrong. Mistake #1: Getting Distracted While You Brush Do you do your morning squats while you brush your teeth? Are you usually surfing Twitter while you clean those pearly whites?

5 Things To Know About Denture Repairs

While dentures are designed to be long-lasting, there are times when they can become damaged. When this happens, you do not have to buy an entirely new pair of dentures. A technician at a denture clinic can repair them for you instead. The following guide walks you through a few things about the denture repair process. Replace Missing Teeth After inspecting the dentures to see what damage has been done to them, the technicians will replace any teeth that are missing.

You Can Beat The Pulp Out Of Dental Anxiety

Do you avoid going to the dentist due to fears? If so, take ease because studies indicate that up to 75% of patients have concerns about going to their dentists, and 10% -15% have extreme fears. Having extreme fears may result in some people avoiding dental screenings and cleanings, which can result in missed diagnoses for serious conditions such as periodontal disease.  There are some steps that you can take to minimize the amount of anxiety you feel about dental visits.

Lasers Instead Of Drills: Modern Dentistry At Its Best

In the last few decades, dental care has made astounding breakthroughs in implant procedures, cosmetic technology. and pain management. Going to the dentist is not the ordeal that it was twenty or even ten years ago. The advent of laser treatment for various dental conditions is a big part of the improvement in dental practices. If you are in need of dental treatment, ask your dentist about the benefits of lasers for your oral health.

3 Things Your Dentist Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Very few people actually enjoy going to the dentist. One reason is because of anxiety - you just know the dentist will find something wrong that will require a major dental procedure. However, a lot of people don't like going because they think the dentist will give them a hard time over not doing what they are supposed to for their oral health. Here are three things that your dentist wishes you would stop doing.