A Few Measures You Can Take To Keep Your Dentures In Great Shape

If you have recently had dentures installed, you may love the appearance of the new appliance. However, for your dentures to remain fresh, white and in good condition, there are some measures that you will need to take on a daily basis. Here are a few of them:

If you eat a food that is darkly colored, rinse your dentures immediately after eating.

Like natural teeth, dentures can absorb discoloration if dark food pigments or dyes are allowed to remain on the appliance for a prolonged period. It is best to rinse the dentures immediately after consuming darkly pigmented foods, such as berries or spinach, to help ensure that your dentures remain white.

Clean your dentures nightly in a denture cleaning solution.

Each night, after removing your dentures, they should be placed in a denture-cleaning solution. Allowing the dentures to rest on a nightstand or in a bowl without being covered with a suitable liquid can cause the appliance to dry out. Over time, the dentures can become disfigured due to the dryness of the resin.

Dentures are made of false teeth that are fashioned from resin or porcelain. The teeth are attached to a resin or metal base plate. When the resin of the dentures becomes too dry, it may become brittle and disfigured.

Never rinse your dentures with hot water.

Although you may believe that rinsing your dentures with hot water will help ensure that they are cleaner, the heat from the water can cause the dentures to warp. Resin is actually a type of plastic material. Thus, when exposed to high temperatures, it becomes pliable. Once warped, your dentures may no longer fit the way that they should.

A denture that is not supported by a dental implant is generally held in place with the suction of your mouth. Thus, before the fabrication of your dentures, your dentist likely took meticulous measures to ensure that proper molds or impressions of your mouth were created. As a result, your dentures are designed specifically for the contours of your mouth. Once the shape of a denture changes, it may no longer fit your mouth properly.

Avoid using your dentures for things other than chewing.

Like teeth, dentures are not designed to assist you with opening bottles or cracking nuts. A denture can become chipped, or cracked from misuse. In some instances, you can even dislodge the false teeth of your denture from the base plate. It is best to use the proper tools for activities that do not involve the mastication of food.

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