5 Things To Know About Denture Repairs

While dentures are designed to be long-lasting, there are times when they can become damaged. When this happens, you do not have to buy an entirely new pair of dentures. A technician at a denture clinic can repair them for you instead. The following guide walks you through a few things about the denture repair process.

Replace Missing Teeth

After inspecting the dentures to see what damage has been done to them, the technicians will replace any teeth that are missing. They will be reinforced with small metal pins that go into the tooth and then into the base of the dentures. This makes the teeth very strong, without impacting the wear of the dentures. They will still fit the same as they did before and you will not even notice that there are pins in the teeth.

Reinforce Loose Teeth

Tests will be done to the other teeth that are still attached to the dentures to see if they are loose and need to be secured. Any teeth that are loose will also get the small pins placed in them to make them more secure to decrease the chances of losing any more teeth in the near future.

Clean the Dentures Professionally

After extended use, the teeth on the dentures may start to become stained, have calcium buildup on them, or have obvious blemishes on them. When you send in the dentures to be repaired, the company will thoroughly clean them with tools that are designed to deeply clean dentures.  

Create a Duplicate Pair

When you send in the dentures to be repaired, the technicians can make a duplicate pair for you. Having a duplicate pair of dentures will ensure that you never have to go without them if something happens to one pair of dentures.

Repairs and Duplicates Are Affordable

Having your dentures repaired is very affordable. When you first had your dentures made, they were so expensive because the mold had to be made of your mouth so that they could be created specifically to fit you. When you have them repaired or a duplicate pair made, the technicians do not have to do as much work as they did when they had to use the mold to create your first set so the cost is significantly less.

It is important to get the dentures repaired because they could cut and damage your gums when you wear them. When you send your dentures in to be repaired, it is important to be patient and know that it will take time. Visit Hayes Denture Clinic Denture Services for denture repairs.