Top 6 Foods That Are Super-Friendly To Teeth

If you or a member of your family has had teeth problems in the past, you have probably heard the dentist attribute the problem to the foods that you eat. Sugary, starchy, acidic and sticky foods are highly disapproved, as they are the triggers of the commonest oral problem – tooth cavities.  To ensure that your teeth are safeguarded from cavities, it is highly recommended that you observe a healthy diet along with maintaining good oral hygiene and having regular dental checkups and cleanups.

There are some types of foods that are quite friendly to the teeth, and help you to not only achieve optimal oral health, but also improve your overall health. The following are the foods that are known to be super-friendly to teeth.

1. Fresh Milk & Yogurt

Every time you drink milk, you not only save your body from thirst and pangs of hanger, but you also do your bones a lot of good. This is because milk contains calcium, which is quite good in strengthening bones and teeth. Whether you like it fresh or prefers yogurt better, you can rest assured that your teeth will not only be strengthened, but they will also be brightened.

2. Cheese

Like its 'cousins' (milk and yogurt), cheese comes packed with healthy amounts of calcium. Eating white cheese will make it unnecessary for you to seek professional teeth whitening services. Mozzarella & goat cheese are perfect examples of good cheese that is great at strengthening and whitening teeth.

3. Raw Broccoli

This is a type of food that will do a good job that is pretty similar to the one done by your toothbrush. Besides being highly nutritious, broccoli florets will naturally scrub the surface of your teeth and leave your teeth looking clean and bright. Unlike many other types of food, broccoli doesn't stick to the teeth.

4. Carrots & Celery

You have probably heard dentists encouraging consumption of vegetables that yield high amounts of water and you may have wondered why. The reason why such vegetables are good for your teeth is because the water contained in these foods helps to clear the stains and debris. Carrots and celery are good examples of such foods, and it is highly recommended that you constantly include them in your diet.

5. Apples

Apples are not only good at keeping the good doctor away, but they are also good at keeping the dentist away. Apples not only contain elements that strengthen teeth, but they also contain high water content that helps to neutralize acidity and wash away bacteria and plaque.

6. Seeds and Nuts

Besides being rich in vitamins, healthy fat and protein, seeds and nuts are good at cleaning teeth. They naturally scrub the surfaces of the teeth, washing away stains and plague.


Now that you know the types of foods that are super-friendly to teeth, you should consider incorporating them into your diet. If you have any dental issues that need to be addressed, it's best that you pay your dentist (like those at Penticton Dental Centre) a visit soon.