Different Ways To Repair Your Denture While On Vacation

When your denture breaks when you are on vacation, you have a few options for handling the situation. In some of these cases, your options are temporary until you can visit your denturist, while one is for a permanent fix. Learning more about these options will help you choose the best one for your denture problems while on vacation.

Repair Kit

A break or small crack in your denture can make it extremely difficult to eat. When you are on vacation, you have to repair these issues quickly. Luckily, you can find repair kits at most pharmacies or stores that sell denture supplies.

These kits include the denture bonding materials and sanding tool. To repair your denture, you will mix the denture bonding materials to activate them and then you spread the mixture on the edges of the broken portions to reattach them. For a crack, you can use this same mixture and spread it on both side to seal the area.

After the mixture dries, you use the sanding tool to remove any excess bonding material from your denture. It is important to note that this repair kit is only for temporary fixes. You will still need to visit a denturist for a permanent repair.

Reline Kit

Once you repair your denture, you may notice that it does not fit properly in your mouth. Unfortunately, when you repair it yourself, you can sometimes loosen the pink portion of your denture. However, you do not have to worry, as some stores sell a reline kit.

With a reline kit, you have a putty-like mixture that develops when you combine the wet and dry ingredients. After you mix these ingredients, you place the putty mixture into your denture and then place it into your mouth. The mixture should leak out of the sides some as you press it firmly into place.

The kit will tell you how long to hold it and then it may have a time that the mixture needs to dry outside of your mouth. As the putty material dries, you can remove the small portions that leaked over the sides while you held it in your mouth. When done correctly, your denture should fit well enough until you can see a denturist.

Emergency Denture Clinic

If any of these repair options seem too much for you to handle on your own, you can find denture clinics that offer emergency services. When you call them, it is best to explain your problem and that you are on vacation, which is why you need their immediate assistance.

In many cases, the denturist will try to work you into their schedule. The denturist will complete the same work that the kits handle, but they can do this work quicker and with better results. Using their services will allow you to get your denture fixed, so you can continue to enjoy your vacation.