Think Dental Implants Are Not In Your Future? Never Say Never

You take very good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing a couple times a day, visiting the dentist when you should and taking care of problems as they arise. If you feel certain that your natural teeth will last a lifetime, you might be surprised to learn that accidents you may not have thought of can leave you in need of dental implants. This list explains some of the most uncommon but funny ways you could get your teeth knocked out.

Baby or Dog Headbutt

Holding a baby or your dog is comforting, but if you aren't paying attention you can suddenly find yourself in a lot of pain and with a missing tooth. With no warning, a baby or a dog can headbutt you, instantly knocking out one or more teeth.

Hold the baby or dog away from your face as much as possible, so that these "dangerous" creatures don't send you immediately to the oral surgeon with their surprising super-power strength.

Falling Off a Segway

When the Segway was introduced, it's intention was to replace walking and help people get around busy downtown streets quicker. While great in theory, it takes practice to operate one of these machines.

Take the instructions given when renting one of these two-wheelers seriously, so your teeth don't meet the concrete and decide they like it better than your mouth.  

Running Into a Revolving Door

You're a busy person. You spend time on the phone while you're walking and may not pay attention to where you're at in the revolving door as you're entering a building.

This scenario sets up the perfect storm for you to walk right into the doorframe when you should have already been out of the door. Don't worry though, your dentist will know what to do next.  

Jumping From the Roof

You have seen videos of people jumping off roofs. They jump onto a trampoline, into a pool or they just jump to the ground for fun. Some skate or snowboard down it to see if they can land a jump. But while these sound like fun ideas in theory, most people don't experience the ending they imagined.

In addition to hurting various parts of your body, should you partake in this type of activity, your next landing spot could be the chair at the oral surgeon's office for an implant.

Contact your dentist immediately if you take a hit to the mouth and feel lasting pain. Dentists like the experts at Radius Dental Care can fix you up in no time. Even if a tooth isn't knocked out, the accident may have caused permanent damage, which requires tooth removal and surgery to place the implant. Share this with others who like to get a little crazy now and then, as well as those who just don't pay attention.