Meeting Your Dental Needs: Providing Quality Care On Your Time

Often patients feel inconvenienced because they have to leave work or children have to miss school in order to get to medical and dental appointments. Appointment times rarely fit into patient schedules because many dentists work from eight or nine in the morning until four or five in the afternoon. If you have considered switching dentists based on who offers extended office hours, here are some very good reasons for doing so.

You Are More Content and Relaxed

Patients who arrive stressed to a dental appointment are more likely to feel anxious, feel pain more intensely, and be more discontent with their dental work. You are stressed because you are missing work or you are trying to fit a dental appointment into an already tight schedule. By switching to a dentist who offers earlier morning and later afternoon or evening appointments, you will be more relaxed, feel less pain, and be more content with your completed dental work.

Several New Opportunities for You

You may find that you like the flexibility that your new dentist offers you. You are no longer constrained to setting appointments during the day, and you will be able to reach a dentist for emergencies when they occur. Since many dental emergencies seem to occur outside of regular business hours, it is nice to know that there is a dentist who offers extended business hours.

Finding a Dentist That Offers Extended Hours

Since so few dentists offer extended hours, it could mean that you will have to hunt around a bit before you find one you can switch to and one you like. There are links on your dental insurance company's website that can help you locate and connect to dentists within your plan that have more flexible scheduling. If you need a referral to a different dentist than the family dentist you have seen for years, you may be able to obtain it from either the insurance company or the dentist you presently use.

Switching Your Family's Records Over to the New Dentist

As you make plans to transition to the new family dentist, get copies of all your dental records and X-rays. Your new dentist finds these invaluable because he or she does not have to start from scratch when you meet with him or her for your family's first appointments in the new office. A good rule of thumb is to transfer the records over to the new dentist, one like Sevenoaks Dental Group, about one month prior to scheduling your appointments for the more flexible time slots you worked so hard to get.